Snow Yak Fellow playing a musical instrument for children.

Every year a number of determined youths join Snow Yak Foundation in the journey to educate children of Dolpa. The fellows endure geographical adversity and many other challenges and dedicate six to eight months of their life to the children of Dolpa. The journey begins from Kathmandu from where the fellows fly to Nepalgunj and then to Jhuphal in Dolpa. Some of the fellows remain in Lower Dolpa to teach in the five schools supported by the Foundation while the remaining ones travel to Upper Dolpa. The eight-day treacherous trek to Upper Dolpa begins from Jhuphal during which the fellows pass through mountain passes, cross harsh rivers and walk for 10 to 14 hours a day. Upon reaching their schools, the fellows have to live by themselves, cook their own food, wash their own clothes and make ends meet by themselves through the stipend provided by the Foundation.  

During their stay in Dolpa, along with teaching the students, the fellows get an opportunity to mingle with the local people, get immersed in their culture and lifestyle and get to know a part of Nepal which has remained untouched and unexplored by outsiders. A tranquil, pristine and picturesque Dolpa provides opportunities for self-exploration and reflection for the fellows. In the end, Dolpa provides a life-changing learning experience which no other school or college can provide.

“Even though I had received scholarship opportunity in the US, I decided to go to Dolpa as I thought I would be making an impact of the lives of hundreds” – Subash Lamichhane

“If education means the real essence of learning, then Dolpo has helped me realize the real meaning of education” – Bidhan Bhandari

Become a Snow Yak Fellow by applying to our fellowship program. The fellowship tenure is six months for Upper Dolpa and eight months for Lower Dolpa (due to extreme weather condition schools in Upper Dolpa are run only for six months).

Application for Snow Yak Fellowship for 2019 is open. Apple Here