Help Us by Participating in one of our campaigns

  • Children for Children Campaign.


The Children for Children campaign is a unique initiative undertaken by SYF to raise support for children of Dolpa through the children of Kathmandu. In line with its objective of supporting Dolpa through locally generated resources rather than resources provided by foreign aid/donors, SYF staff visit educational institutes in Kathmandu every year to orient the students about the work SYF has been doing in Dolpa. The students are informed about the various challenges the schools, as well as students, face in the district including lack of adequate learning resources. They are then requested to donate whatever stationery they can to support their counterparts in Dolpa. The aim of the campaign is to foster a student to student relationship. Moreover,  it also aims to make students in Kathmandu aware of the challenges of schools in Dolpa and give them a chance to better understand the context and situation and provide their support. In the past, SYF has been successful in collecting enough stationery to support 845 students. This year, it plans to collect stationery to support at least 1,200 students in Dolpa.


  • Ghrihini for Education  Campaign.


The Grihini for Education Campaign aims to mobilize the Grihinis or the housewives to support SYF fellows who are teaching in Dolpa. Since food, spices, and edibles are not readily available, they need to transport from Kathmandu itself. As per this initiative, SYF staff conduct household visits in Kathmandu to interact with housewives and inform them about the work SYF has been doing in Dolpa. Keeping in mind its objective of raising support for Dolpa through local channel rather than foreign aid/donor, the housewives are requested to support whatever food, spices and other edibles to be sent to SYF fellows.


  • Raft for Change, Raft for Dolpa.


Raft for Change, Raft for Dolpa is an initiative of SYF which is conducted on an annual basis to raise funds for SYF in Dolpa. SYF organizes a rafting event for adventure enthusiasts  – the fund from which is used to buy stationery as well as support SYF fellows. Along with providing an adventurous experience, the event also gives a chance for young people to know about Dolpa and support them.  The event was first organized in 2017 with a total of 150 participants. The money generated from the event was successful in supporting the stipend of four local fellow teachers.

Help Us by Making a donation

We accept donation from dignified Nepali individuals and organization who want to contribute for the betterment of Nepali society. Our schools in Dolpa are solely funded Nepali school. We don’t accept any foreign donation, not because of disrespect to foreigners but to make Nepalese people responsible for their own development. Foreigners can support us by purchasing goods from Dolpa and by participating in the trek that we have scheduled for April 2019.

You can donate in-cash or in-kind. For in-cash support, you can deposit the amount to our bank account. Bank account details have been given below:

Laxmi Bank, New Road

Account Holder’s Name: Snowyak Foundation

Account Number: 01011058297

(Swift Code: lxblnpka)

To support us in other ways please contact us.